Saturday, June 21, 2008

A cute story I have to share

So I'm home alone with just me and the baby right now since Frik is at work, and he IMed me asking me to get a confirmation number that's written on a piece of paper on the dresser in our room, where the baby was already asleep on the bed. When I walked into the room, I noticed that although I had put her to sleep on her back, she had rolled over at some point and was sleeping on her tummy! I rolled her over, and she rolled right back onto her tummy in her sleep. So I tried again, and she rolled again, but she kept her head up and turned and looked at the door where the light was coming into the room from the hall. She had this little sleepy look on her face and then she put her head back down on the bed and closed her eyes again. It was adorable. I finally picked her up and put her back down on her back, then laid down next to her. She woke up a little and looked at me and smiled, then closed her eyes. While she was falling asleep, she kept opening her eyes a tiny bit and seeing that I was there, then closing them and getting this adorable little smile on her face. Then she fell asleep. It was so adorable. In other news, I may never eat again. We double booked ourselves today with 2 barbeques with friends. The first had the hugest burgers I have ever eaten (each one was at least 1/2 lb of meat) and the second had the hugest hot dogs I had ever eaten. Both were delicious, though. :)

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