Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy 5 months old!

We've been taking pictures of Squirt now every month to help us compare and see how much she's changed:

1 Mo:

2 Mo:

3 Mo:

4 Mo:

And now, today, 5 Mo:

I think the biggest change was from 1 month to 2 months, but I still just can't believe how big she's gotten overall!
Last week, Frik exploded a glass pie pan that was on the front burner when he accidentally turned that one on instead of the back burner... At least no one was in the kitchen when the glass shards went flying everywhere! Come to find out today, though, that a couple of pieces of glass made it into our garbage disposal... which will now have to be replaced.
Anyone have a garbage disposal they're planning on giving away??


  1. Wow. Is Frik still allowed in the kitchen?

  2. crap- I'm sorry to hear about that disposal....

    the 5 month picture of squirt is so adorable

  3. Yeah, he's still allowed. He was very apologetic.

  4. But now you and he are even, right? He can't tease you about yelling at the dishwasher, right? :)

    Love you!


  5. Is she sucking on her bottom lip? Jack-Jack has been doing that lately, and it's the cutest!

  6. nah, just frowning. She was being SO uncooperative for that photo shoot!