Thursday, July 31, 2008

Give all your money to the government. Now easier than ever!

I finally got the car registered today. Officer Nice Guy from a few days ago informed us that after 3 months of expired registration they can/will impound the car if they catch it out on the street. Today was the last day of our third month with the expired registration, so there was some additional motivation to get it taken care of.

So this morning, having accepted the fact that my whole day would be spent waiting in line, I reluctantly set out to face my destiny. I guess I must have somehow slipped into an alternate reality though, because there was no line at the DMV! I walked in, took a number, sat in a fairly comfortable chair in the waiting area for maybe 10 minutes, heard my number called, paid the robot-like man at the window (who, in-turn, rewarded me with a shiny gold star blue decal), and I was out of there, with my sanity intact, less than a fortnight later!

From there my day only got better when I stumbled across... Cupcakes of Catan!

Who needs ray-tracing and reflective shiny balls when there's cupcakes? This has got to be the most deliciously entertaining game ever conceived by man:



  1. Out here, you have a 30 day grace period after the registration expires before you can even get a ticket for it. As soon as that's up, though, the officer "can" impound the car. "Will" is another matter entirely, that varies widely with the driver's attitude and the status of the insurance.

  2. That's freakin' awesome!! Wudan's next birthday!!