Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let the Record Show

I you weren't there for Wudan's "Out of control" moment then you should go over to Sukie's blog and re-read it one last time before reading on.

The day after we all got back from the trip my mom called and asked if we had noticed anything wrong with the brakes on the van. I had notcied when I picked up the van that the brakes seemed a little unresponsive, but since I don't drive it that often I just figured I wasn't used to the way it handled. So after my first couple intersections I got used to the brakes and didn't think anything more of it. When Sukie took over driving I imagine the same thing happened; she just got used to the brakes the way they were and didn't think much of it. So when we made Wudan take the wheel (he was the only one in the car who had sunglasses) at the top of a fairly big and extremely curvy, tree-covered hill, while driving straight into the sun, it shouldn't have been too suprising that he had a small mental breakdown :)

It turns out the master brake cylinder needed replacing.

So, Wudan, this is for you:


  1. I have seen quite a few videos in my years on the Internet, and on a rating scale with a maximum 4 stars, this one gets 7,812,452.

    Also, I am most glad I was right. I didn't particularly enjoy the drive, nor the many times it was recounted to me by the passengers. I will drive again (though, I haven't driven since ...)

    Also, Frik needed to crap really bad, so I was under intense pressure.

    Or, at least, he was.

  2. It was the best video in the world!!