Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not quite a secretary, but it gets the job done

I just found a way to outsource my blog posts to Australia. The results aren't exactly golden, but its a great time saver:

Geez I just climbed out from under my rock and realized I have not updated this since I had to start working to pay the ridiculous food and petrol prices to feed my kids... You would not believe how much it's costing me. But I'm sorry you'll just have to take my word for it..

I am lost in a sea of pseudo-olde-english with only your readership as life preserver, hoping you haven't found other blogs, just generally being a terrible burden to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day seems to be a litany of stuff and giggles from sun-up to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am not complaining though. life is good.

I swear on the bones of my ancestors I will blog more regularly. No, really! I will write more to certain yous; but it might not be you in particular who I write to..

On another note, we got pulled over and ticketed today for an expired registration. It expired in April so we've been just begging for a ticket. I'm really surprised we made it this long without one. For three months now I've been driving around in a hyper-sensitive, hyper-alert state; watching constantly for black, white, and blue cars with lightbars and spotlights, etc. It's stupid, I know, but I think I've been doing a friggin good job of it. So imagine my surprise when an unmarked red charger pulled up behind me at a light, (almost rear-ending me while talking on a cell phone in case you were wondering) and proceeded to pull me over.

Like I said, it's been a long time coming so I've got no room to complain. I'm almost glad, actually, that it went down that way; as opposed to, for example, me missing a marked crown vic coming at me from a mile away in my rear view mirror. And yes, I am going to get the registration done :) I never intended not to do it, but anything that has me waiting in line for 2 hours just to hand someone a check tends to end up at the bottom of my to-do list.

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