Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cutest Hide and Seek

Squirt was playing hide and seek with Frik yesterday. He used to play with Duke, where he would throw duke's ball downstairs then run into the other room and hide and wait for duke to come find him. As adorable as that was, it's so much cuter when squirt crawls in and sees him and then starts laughing and getting excited, then Frik will run into the other room and hide and Squirt will come crawling after him. It's so so cute.

Mom and Scooter came into town for the past weekend for Squirt's birthday party. Thanks again for all the help getting ready for the party! I think it went well. We had a ton of people here (around 25, and that's a lot for a house this size) and we made some really good green chili... mmm... and had cake and chips. Squirt was pretty cranky. She's been not feeling too great and has been very clingy for the past week or so, so I think that was the root of it. Plus there were a lot of people here and she needed a nap. She didn't even end up getting to have any cake because we had to put her down for a nap before we cut it.

Last night, Frik woke up to a thump coming from upstairs and then the baby crying (we had fallen asleep watching tv downstairs). So he ran upstairs and guess who was not in her crib anymore? That's right. She was on the floor, crying. Today I moved the mattress down to the lower level. Poor little Squirt. Too good of a climber for her own good.

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