Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Overdue Christmas and New Years Pictures

Here are a bunch of cute pictures from Christmas and New years:


Jack Jack discovered a new vessel to get milk from


Squirt loved the bubbles we got in our stocking!



She found the baby under the tree and fell in love



Such cute babies!


Playing with her new princess dolls


Jack Jack loves Tiger!


Silly boys


Silly Daddy, too.


On New Years Eve, her "bracelet"


Duke and his baby


Family picture


Playing "wanu"




Sukie, since you refuse to smile for a picture, I'm going to post all the crappy pictures I get of you until I get a good one.


I can't quit you, Striker!

So the other day, we went to DI to browse around and I picked up a nutcracker and started making it talk to Squirt. I made it say, "hello" and she said back "hello". It was so cute! Now she'll say it once in a while and a lot of the time, she'll hold her hand up to her face like she's talking on the phone. It is adorable.

We had a dr appointment for her today. She got 4 shots and a toe stick. Everything is good, she's in the 80th percentile for height (29 1/2 in) and the 40th for weight (20 lb 12 oz) and her head is in the 75th. The Dr. told us something interesting, that there is a correlation between a baby having less than 6 teeth at 1 year old and them being tall as adults, so he thinks that given that Squirt has only 2 teeth (the top 2 are so so so close!) and that she's tall right now, that she's going to be, as he says "a barbie". She did so well with the toe stick, like she didn't even notice it, and then the shots were ok. She cried of course and broke our hearts, but then she calmed down very quickly and even gave the nurse a smile on the way out.

We drove scribbles up to idaho yesterday in a caravan style. The weather was not good at all, so what was supposed to take only 8 hours up and back took around 12, partially because of stops and partially because of bad weather and traffic. It was fun though, and Squirt did so well in the car. She either slept or watched Brother Bear the whole way. She slept a lot more today, so I'm thinking a growth spurt is coming.

When we got up to Scribbles' dorm, there were some baby toys in the main lobby because the hall advisor has a few kids. One of the toys was a doll house with a little family of dolls. Squirt went over to it and tried to climb in and was playing with the mommy and daddy and baby dolls. I swear she even had slightly different voices that she was giving to each of them. Then she put the baby doll in the crib. It was so adorable.

One last cute thing that she's been doing lately is when she sees us pull out specific foods (cheese, french fries, chocolate...) she'll say "mmmm" in anticipation. It's adorable. It's silly, but I"m proud of her for being able to associate the way those foods look with what they taste like, instead of just thinking everything is food and putting it all in her mouth like she was doing for those couple of months. No more eating leaves and card board! (hopefully)

For those of you that didn't see my blog post from new years day (there were 2) who are curious about what happened and what MJ is talking about, there was a second post where I talked about a scary incident that happend with Squirt. After posting it though, I felt like it was just too personal and that since I don't know who all could read my blog and honestly I was afraid of people's reactions, so I took it down. If any of you want to know what happened, though, email me and I'll let you know. If you don't have my email address or any other means by which to contact me, you are the people that I didn't want to share with. sorry :)

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  1. Already heard the story from Valkyrie. I'm so glad everything's okay!

    At least that's one aspect of parenthood that gets easier as they get older. Of course, when they stop scaring you like that, they get to go find new ways to scare you.

    Oh, like the pictures BTW!