Thursday, August 25, 2005


It's funny, b/c I am married, but at night time, I'm single... Sarah spent the night over here last night (Frik was at work) And tonight I'm just hanging out alone. k, So I'm really NOT single at night... but it is kindof weird anyway to have my girlfriend over for a sleep over.

I'm thinking about hiking Timp for the sunrise tomorrow... so leave tomorrow at midnight and be up there for the sunrise on Saturday. Sarah and some friends of hers are going and i think it'd be fun.

I got my books today... I have to say I'm not really excited for class. I'm mostly scared b/c I have done so poorly in the past and I really can't afford to do that again. I don't know what to do. Part of me wants to just go part time and go find a real job (I can't work on campus unless I'm full time student). I've been thinking about handing in my resume to some insurance agencies around here... Well, ok. here's my predicament: I have to have 9 or more credits to be eligible for employment. Also, taking between 9 and 16 credits costs the same amount. So I feel like if I'm paying to take 9, I might as well take 14 or 15. But that's when I get scared. I don't want to waste money. I just don't know what my motivation is to do well... I guess just so that I don't waste money... But that's not motivation, it's just a stressor.

grr... I know I'm smart, I just don't have any direction. No motivation to go to class. In High school, I was supposed to do my work and study so I could get into a good school... Now I'm in a good school and what am I supposed to do? I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Every major I momentarily choose turns out to be boring or hard or just not me.


What do I want to do with my life??? I guess that if I can figure that out, then be able to choose a major, I will have reasons to want to go to class and do my work and stuff. But right now, I just feel like sitting around and being lazy.

snap out of it....

I guess I'll go clean up the apartment. :o)


  1. ps: the "Frik" thing comes b/c when he writes his name too fast, it looks life Frik...

  2. Being married is about being lazy. There's only so much, as a housewife, you can do. You clean, you cook, you sit around and watch hours and hours of junk tv. I feel like I waste a lot of time. You'll be much busier than me with School and all-- all I do is work two jobs. No worries-- you'll become accustomed to the laziness, or it'll drive you to the point you want a pet, or a baby.

  3. I don't consider being a housewife lazy, sorry. For one, I do a shit of work and barely have time to watch junk t.v (unless I make time).

    Majors are hard to gasp - it's a huge commitment. YOu'll get thought it.

  4. yah, I've heard (and believe) that the more you do, the more you can do. If you think about it, it makes sense. If you do school, work, volunteering, watching your kids, have 3 dogs and you make all your meals from scratch... somehow you can... but if all you have in your life is... you... then you end up sleeping and/or watching TV (or messing around on the internet) forever. And then before you know it, it's time to go to bed again. :o)

    So I think I just need to get up and get going.

  5. Don't know how far you are in school (yet?) but just stick to the basics for now...

    Complete all the stupid core requirements first and hopefully by the time you get them out of the'll have an idea of where you want to go.

    Most women out here that don't know what to go into when they get to college end up going into elementary may want to stray away from that since teachers (god, bless them) get one of the lowest salaries in the country. Unless teaching is your thing, of course.

  6. I never did the aimless student thing, so any advice I gave would most likely be useless. Good luck, though.

  7. ok, I hate mysteries.... who left the annonymous comment?

  8. Mwahahaha!

    Hint: Check your Sunday, August 21, 2005 blog - "That's my 23 1/2 cents"

    -Frik's Buddy

  9. aha! Well, as you can see, I just had pepperoni & green peppers a few days before, so I didn't want it that time. :o)

  10. Well, here's to being aimless, before, during, and after college.

  11. well I can tell you what you DON'T want to do... nursing. at least I sure don't. Do you know what kind of classes you have to take for that? Chemestry, Biology, Stats, Womens Health. Bleh....