Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wedding Gifts

k, so we went out shopping and returning today... after all the hustle we've got a few duplicates, some of which we have no idea where they came from, and some that we are just so sick of returning that we'd rather give them away.

so... what I've got up for bid right now (already gave a few things away, sorry...) are 2 rollingpins (wood... both are pretty nice) and a set of silverware (looks like it's from 1982). Maybe David's interested in that? Since you only had 2 spoons and 1 fork last year... hehe...

lemme know if you suddenly realized that your house is short one rolling pin.

Besides that... Frik and I went to kohls today and we got a few really good bargains. We got a 50 piece set of dishes (service for 8) that normally sells for about $100. We got it for just over $15... it was on clearance and 3 pieces were missing (2 coffee cups and a serving platter) so it was like...85% off b/c of all that. They're not bad, too. They're just plain white with some cute little round bumps along the edges.

We also got a micro suede duvet and sham set for $30. yipee!

Anyway... I saw my 2 old roommates today. We were all 3 in our old apartment for what is most likely the last time, since we have all moved out now. The last of us was moving today. It was sad, even though the upkeep there was bad and the managment was (to say the least) incredibly incompetent and we definitely all had hard times there... But I guess that looking back, you can pretty much miss any time of your life. Even high school. And we all know how much that really sucked, yet it's sad that we can't go back.


But I'm in a happy place now. I guess that's the thing to do: make sure that even though you can't go back, you wouldn't want to leave where you are now. yep.

That's it. I'm gonna put my pretty dishes away. Love you all!! (except of course those of you wackos who I don't know.)


  1. hmm... two different fonts... whatever.

    Oh, and I've got a clock that's up for grabs.

  2. I'll take a rolling pin. . . .I'll take anything,damnit!!!

  3. THere are good things about pretty much any life period, but I can look back on several of them without feeling the slightest twinge of desire to go back.

  4. Save the stuff you don't want for "re-gifting." Dad and I didn't have to buy wedding gifts for others for a LONG time. Saved us a bunch of money. Love you!


    (Did David come by yet? He has your phone.)

  5. yeah, he came, but he didn't bring the phone. Just pictures and Rusty the fish (who died shortly thereafter)

  6. Did you get any 'bad' gifts? My wedding beat out my entire families' set of weddings (6 other weddings) when we received a set of used, rusted-over, dented stock pots.

    Suprisingly, K-Mart actually took them back (since we had the box) and gave us almost 50 bucks for it.

    That's my 23 1/2 cents...

  7. you know who needs silverware? Becky. She and Luke have plasticware that they wash and reuse. It's amazing how much those things melt...