Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tag! I'm it...

Thanks to Sukie, I am now going to rattle off all these facts about me. :o)

10 years ago: I was 10... hmm... I was just starting the 5th grade. My teacher was Mrs. Pillow and I remember that she loved whales, so I made a pillow with a whale on it for one of my projects....

5 years ago: I was 15. I was starting my Sophomore year in highschool, feeling all insecure about myself but pretending I wasn't (like most highschoolers) I had a couple of "good friends" who ended up using me... and I was running around Horizon High like a chicken with my head cut off planning different activities and going to millions of classes.

1 year ago: I had just moved in to my first apartment, but it wasn't real living on my own b/c my dad still filled up my bank account when it got too low. I lived with some of my dearest friends and looking back on it... I loved it, even though we had some of the hardest times of our lives in that apartment.

Yesterday: Went to my Physical Science class and fell in love with my teacher (he's real old and cute). I love taking the Elementary ed requirements b/c the classes are so... well, elementary. My teacher gave us all a bead at the end of class and asked us how it changed colors in the light. And we played with RC cars and sails. And in my elementary education gym class we were skipping, running, walking, and will be hula hooping and jumping/hopping next class period. :o)

5 snacks I enjoy: hmm... This is actually kindof tough... Oreos, Cheddar Munchies, cold cereal (It's not just for breakfast!), fruit snacks, and juice. (does juice count?)

5 songs I know all the words to: Well that's just about every song in the world. At least everysong on FM 100 and whatever the oldies station is in Utah (not by choice--we're forced to listen to them at work). So... My heart will go on by Celine Dion, Live like you were dyin' by Tim McGraw, I think we're alone now by Tiffany, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, and... I wanna hold your hand by the Beatles.

5 things I would do with $100 million: Buy a house, buy a new wardrobe, buy a car, pay tuition, send it to Louisiana.... (I can be charitable in my fantasies, can't I?)

5 things I would never wear: short skirts (I'd be afraid that everyone could see straight up when I'm walking up the stairs), 5 different shades of green in one outfit, colored contacts (I think they look wrong and unnatural and creepy) A shirt that says, "Perfect" or "Spoiled" or "Worship me because I am wonderful".... blah blah bleh... of those spandex bicycling outfits that makes girls look like misshapen bananas.

5 favorite TV shows: The 4400 (SO SO SO Freaking good... ahhhh...) What not to wear, Friends, ... The 4400 and the 4400.

5 biggest joys: teaching something new to someone, sleeping, eating good food, doing nothing with my friends and family, and fixing or organizing somthing that was a huge mess or really screwed up and then looking at the finished product. Especially if it's something inside a company or organization that will help it to run smoother even after I'm gone.

5 favorite toys: My awesome tomato slicer from bed, bath, & beyond, my ipod, My Kitchenaid cheese grater (coolest kitchenaid attachment, guaranteed) My air conditioner, and an awesome digital camera I'll have some day.

5 people I tag: Everyone's already taken... hmm... Chaelomen, for 1... Berserk (you been tagged?? ) Meryl, Frik, &.... Frik's buddy??? Wanna Play, Devie?


  1. 10 years ago: are you kidding? um.... that was almost exactly when the Virtual Boy was released, so I was probably just slacking off at school and coming home to play Virtual Boy all day, which, contrary to popular opinion, does not cause headaches :)

    5 years ago: Starting my senior year of High School. again, just slacking off. I was working full time at Convergys making pretty good money and spending it on a bunch of useless stuff

    1 year ago: In Mexico on my mission. Great stuff :)

    Yesterday: I spent a good part of the day cleaning the house doing dishes and making a sepcial dinner for Carolyn, which turned out to be great!

    5 snacks I enjoy: Sun Chips, Mountain Dew, Chicken Soft Tacos, all sorts of fruit especially in mexico, and Pizza Rolls :)

    5 songs I know all the words to: all 73 or so Collective Soul songs

    5 things I would do with $100 million: Buy a new computer or 5 or 6, buy a house or 2 or 3, buy a new car or 10 or 20, buy cars and houses for my family and a few close friends, invest

    5 things I would never wear: Muscle shirts, pink shirts, mesh shirts, speedo, man-thong

    5 favorite TV shows: 4400, and anything that most people consider boring (news, discovery, history channel, etc)

    5 biggest joys: Being with carolyn, video games, being with carolyn, buying new things, being with carolyn

    5 favorite toys: My computer, my laptop, my car stereo, my home theater system, and pretty soon my Gamecube

    5 people I tag: um... whoever reads this and hasnt been tagged. Consider yourself tagged

  2. I'm really lovin' this tag game!!!

  3. at least he put me above the game cube....

    And it's true. Every day when I get home he's got the news on. What a weirdo.

  4. Tag me all you want I'm always up for hangin out or playing games (or, obviously, both -- call us, sometime)...say, that reminds me -

    Hey Frik!!! Are we gonna play raquetball again....EVER!?!? What happened to 3-times a week? Better get back on schedule or you'll put on that 'newlywed weight' ;-)

  5. ah carolyn.... you're elementary ed classes sound way more fun then mine. That's just one more reason to transfer to BYU and leave that hole people like to call UNC.... bleh...
    well I'll talk to you later.