Sunday, August 21, 2005

umm... post number 1

This is my post. My first one.
I'm watching Law & Order SVU right now and eating leftover pizza. It's creepy but good. (the show, not the pizza)
So I've started this blog at the suggestion of Sukie, her reasoning that my family is all in CO so I might as well let them read about my life. I think it's a good idea, and I've been toying with it for a while, so here it is.
I guess an introduction (even though hopefully everyone reading this already knows me): I'm married (as of 1 week and a day ago) and currently have an infatuation with USA's "The 4400". If you wanna start watching it, you've really got to see it from the beginning. Lucky for you all, I own season 1 on DVD. (or it's only $11 or $12 on overstock)
In case anyone's wondering, it comes on right after Law & Order on USA (aka now), which reminded me of just how great it is.
My husband and I.... I'll call him Frik...hehe... went to his uncle's for dinner tonight. It was nice. We had Alaskan Halibut and weird little flat peaches that were incredibly tasty. mmm...
umm... otherthan that, Frik was not up to church at our ward this morning, since he collapsed as soon as he got home (8:15) and our ward meets at 8:30, so we went up to AF and churched with his family at 2:00
That's about all I've got right now. I have a headache and I want another piece of pizza. FYI: Pepperoni & Green peppers from Papa John's is a winner.


  1. I love Carolyn and her husband is cool

  2. Hey, wait a minute! *I* love Carolyn and her husband is cool.

  3. Ah, now the comments are working. I hope I get to meet "Frik" (is there an inside joke there?)before too long.

  4. Did I mention - lovin' the blog layout!!!!!!

  5. Pepperoni & Green Peppers were my suggestion when we were over last... but noooooo! Somebody (either my wife or Frik) didn't like the suggestion and ordered hawaiian.

    Pineapple just doesn't belong on pizza...

    That's my 23 1/2 cents