Monday, September 5, 2005

barbecue (or is it barbeque??)

Yesterday I invited some friends over for dinner. I said that 6:30 would be a good time (since I had to work until then) But I ended up working an extra hour and not getting here until 7:30... I felt bad and the potroast smelled so good when I got home... and I was hungry... but I think it was a success. We watched "Brother Bear" which is one of those Disney movies that looks stupid but turns out to be pretty good. Also in that category: The Emperor's New Grove (A guy turns in to a llama??? How dumb does that sound?) and The Kid....

Then today, Frik & I went to his mom's house for a barbecue. Kindof a strange thing, actually. See, she called a few days ago to tell us that she was having this barbecue for labor day, and Frik was either not paying any attention of still sleeping b/c he thought that it was going to be around 5:00, when really it was at noon. So, we missed the entire family and didn't bring the dessert that we were supposed to. But it was ok, b/c Shauna and I made some little tart things... they were good, but messy. For some dumb reason, We didn't put crust all around the edges, just on the bottom, so you kindof had to eat them all in one bite, but they were freaking good.

Oh, and when we were buying ingredients, we ran around the store jumping up in the air and clicking our heels together. Frik thought it was cool... either that or he kept trying to act like he wasn't with us... whichever. I can't remember. :o)

but yeah, I was in some kind of wacky mood. Then we went to walmart and got some of the $5.50 movies from the crate. one was fat man & little boy. Anyone seen it? I remember watching it in 7th grade in science... I think it was good. (it's about the Manhattan Project and the 2 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) Then we got some random meg ryan movie that I hope doesn't suck completely. It's got the same producer as You've Got Mail and the same director as Jerry Maguire, so hopefully.....

I had the creepiest nightmare last night... it was one of those dreams that feels totally real and when you wake up you can't remember what was a dream... but it was so sad and I woke up crying (even though it made no sense at all) And for a while it was good... like it was about boys and stuff... until I realized (In my dream) That I was already married and that I had completely abandoned my husband and I just felt so bad and sad and... I was so happy when I woke up and Frik was lying there next to me. heh... and I felt kindof dumb b/c I was telling him how happy I was that I ended up with him and that I was so sorry that I was mean and left... well I think I stopped myself before I told him about leaving... but anyway. Nighmare b/c it made me cry.

So anyway, I've got an 8:00 tomorrow morning and it's almost 1:45... so I'm gonna go to bed. I was just up reading and I thought I'd post. :o)

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