Friday, September 16, 2005

Moving to Utah.... (not me. I already live here)

so I finally have a free minute to post... but only a minute, so this will be short.... I was so proud of myself for not missing any classes so far this semester, but then this morning... I slept through my 8:00. I was really bummed. Not b/c I like it, but because I was on a roll. Man. Oh well. This is the end of the busiest week ever, so I'll be doing better and getting more sleep from now on.

My mom called the other day and told me that My brother might be moving to Provo. I think that'd be cool. because then he can marry annette. heheheheh... and it'd be cool if he worked at the same place frik does. Frik said that with his schooling and certification and stuff, he could almost guaranteed get a job there. cool... he's gonna check when the next hiring cycle is, though. But send me or him your resume, k? and we'll print it off and he can take it in.

They've got good benefits, too.

And we can find you an apartment.

k, what else.... umm.... you'd think that I'd have something to say... huh. Guess I'll go do my biology...


  1. WooHoo!!! First Post ('s a nerd thing).

    Have a great night and see ya on monday.

  2. You're nuts... :o) Hope that raquetball was fun because it kept me from going to a "required" meeting.... heh...

  3. I'm assuming that anonymous isn't really anonymous since they're asking which brother....

    So, It's the middle one. not oldest and not youngest....

    See how well anonymous really knows me and my family... heheheh....

  4. yup, Im not so anni mouse Im just lazy

  5. Can I just say. . .
    Love that you're blogging!!!

  6. Yeah, it's damn sure not gonna be your oldest brother. I don't plan on moving out of state again. I'll have to visit you sometime though.