Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I went to Target with Sarah yesterday, looking for some good gifts for Frik (since today is his birthday...) We ended up spending 2 hours there. I think we were moving in slow motion b/c it really didn't feel like even half that long. we ended up getting some random, stuff, too. We found some hair dye that was only $2 and on an impulse, Sarah bought some. (those of you who know Sarah know that she never does anything with her hair on impulse... it was amazing) Not only was it amazing that she wanted to dye her hair, but she wanted to dye it dark brown. Actually, she wanted to dye it red but I talked her out of it b/c that would just be a disaster. Anyway, we came home and dyed her hair and it looks so good. It's very dark, but it looks pretty. It took me a while to get used to seeing her with dark hair, but it looks really good.

Then I went to work today and made 3 batches of brownies. Do you know how many brownies that is??? It's 90 sheets, the sheets are double sized, so 180 pans full. Cut up into 60 per pan, that's 10800... that's a lot of brownies.... Then Frik's mom took us out to lunch for his birthday. Happy Birthday Frik!!!

Anyway, I've got a few readings to do for biology...... fun times....


  1. Can I get some brownies???

  2. Happy birthday, Frik.

  3. yah, the brownies are good... and I can probably get you some, but not this week. It's gonna be a bad one.

  4. What do you mean 'red hair would be a distaster'? Redheads rule. end of story.

    Anyways...sorry we missed it Frik (Happy B-Day, btw). Knew it was your b-day this weekend and yet we totally spaced it.

    We'll try to make it up to you guys this week (dinner maybe?).

  5. I love red hair... Just not on her. :o)

  6. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Friiiiiiiiiiiiiickkkkkk....
    Happy birthday tooooooooooooooo

    Love you both!


  7. bit late, but tell frik I said happy birthday

  8. happy anniversary a couple of days late!