Friday, January 6, 2006


Yeah, I'm being a bit nocturnal... not the best thing for me right now since I'm trying to get over a cold and classes start on Monday...

So, I just thought I'd post since I don't have anything better to do... well, no that's a lie, I do have something better to do, I just know I'm going to procrastinate it until the last possible minute. Like cleaning the house... I find that when I'm in school, I usually do a better job of cleaning the house because I'm procrastinating reading my homework. But then when it gets really busy, I end up doing my homework and then the house goes to pot... where did that expression come from, anyway?

I'm going over to Meryl & Yoshi's tomorrow. They bought a new couch yesterday and they have offered us their old one. So, Frik & I are going to go measure it and see if it'll fit in our little apartment. Then I'm gonna hang out over there for a while. Maybe play some star wars legos... I love that game. :o)

Yesterday, My mother in law took all the birthday people in the family out to dinner. It's kindof lucky for her that all of the people who have married into her family have birthdays really close to eachother. (Meryl: Dec 28, Rick: I think Jan 7th, and me: Jan 9th). Well, I don't know if you wanna call it lucky or unlucky. See, she has a tradition (I don't know how long running it is) that she takes her kids to lunch on their birthdays. So, since all of us "kids-in-law" have birthdays right after christmas, she decided to take us out together. the unlucky part is that it costs more (esp since it's right after christmas). The lucky part is that it gets all of the married ones together with her to have lunch. It was really fun. We went to this place... Cabo grill. It's similar to Bajio or Cafe Rio (kindof like Baja Fresh, for those of you in CO)

Then, after lunch, Frik & I went to her house and I got this crazy idea to rearrange furniture. So Lorna & I took apart a desk and we are still in the process of trying to turn the office (aka Eryn's old room) into a family room. We're gonna bring up the TV from the basement, and since Melissa & Scott are letting us have their couch, we're giving the one we currenly have to Lorna. We'll put it in the office along with a love sac that Frik & I decided we didn't want/have space for and maybe a chair... we're gonna see what we can fit in there.

Then the Front room will be... a front room! Wow... it's amazing, isn't it?

You know... I was just thinking... Lorna's got her work computer down in the office... and really, it'd create a lot more space for the family room if it wasn't there, but she doesn't want it down in the Basement (and I can't blame her. It's cold down there)... I wonder if it would be wise/ possible to combine her work computer with the family computer... and then have the landing become the office, which it is a little, but more of a home office. Hmm...

Of course, what I'd really like to do is buy her a new computer (hah, if I had money...) and then set up windows 95 (it sucks... but its they only version of windows that her digitizing software works with) as an alternative OS... Oh, I just talked to Frik about it... and we came up with another idea. A friend of ours offered him a Keyboard Video Mouse switch... which is I guess what you'd use to hook two computers up to the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse. So this is the new plan: set up both of Lorna's computers in the landing and then use the office just for the family room. Maybe move the pictures and paper down there in some little drawers or on the shelves that she's got there.

I am liking this idea. See what good ideas I come up with when I dont' sleep??

And then... for an amazing mothers day or birthday present, maybe we could chip in and get her the parts for a much needed upgrade to her "home" computer (since both of them are technically home). How much would that be? $250ish... or $300. Just a basic computer that's not from 1998...

well, I've been talking to frik about this, and I'm getting way too excited for 2:30 in the morning. Maybe it's time to go to bed. :o)


  1. I think that "goes to pot" is a euphemism for "goes to shit." It's a lot easier to see where the second one came from, eh?

    Of course, I may well be wrong about this.

  2. A suggestion if you want a fairly cheap upgrade:
    Newegg Barebones Systems

    You would still want all your old hard drives, monitor, etc. But, if you pick a good one it should do a decent job of upgrading the core parts.

  3. goes to pot and goes to shit, I do agree, are interchangable. It's like "It all goes down the drain" since (I assume) Pot means chamberpot....

    Makes sense to me.