Wednesday, January 4, 2006

scary things

We saw a really bad accident today... actually, Frik saw it and I heard it. we were going to this store next to albertsons. we got out of the car and were walking in and suddenly i heard this crash. I turned around and saw this SUV flipped over right at the entrance to the parking lot. So Frik took out his cell phone and called 911. We started going towards it, and I could hear people screaming and crying. and little kids. It was really scary. When we got there, one lady was holding 2 little kids, and it seemed like there was still someone stuck in the car, but it was just the mom on the other side, looking for her kids. The kids had been taken out of the drivers side, and the mom was looking on the passenger side and couldn't find them. It turns out that the lady who was holding the kids was their grandma (who was driving a few cars behind her daughter and saw the whole thing happen). The lady who was driving the car was an EMT (and about 8 1/2 months pregnant) and the car that hit the SUV was a little black Honda. It was so weird that a Honda could flip an SUV, but I guess that it was going so fast, and since the SUV was turning and its center of gravity was all thrown to the outside, the Honda just had to hit it in the right spot to flip it.

So while the mom and grandma were calling people and running all over the place, I took the little boy (who I don't even know his name... I asked him and he held up 3 fingers...I guess he was 3 years old) and I wrapped him up in my jacket and held him. He kept pointing at the car and saying something I couldn't hear or understand very well.... Something about his car. So I kept telling him that it was ok and that all of the police cars and fire trucks were there to help, and telling him that his mom was ok, and his sister was ok... He was really cute, and you could tell that he was shocked. He was cuddling up to me and ... it was just really scary.

I didn't see the driver of the Honda until the EMT's were there. All I saw was that they had her strapped down to a board and they were taking her to the ambulance. So I don't know how she is, but all the others were ok.

I am a little worried about the pregnant lady's baby... she was on her way to the hospital b/c she had been having back pains, and I guess she's due to deliver in a few days, so... I hope she's ok.

When we started driving away, I was all nervous that we were going to get hit, and that Frik had to be more careful. Accidents are just scary.

On a lighter note: Erik and I went to Costco yesterday and signed up for a membership. They told us that we could sign up for an American Express card that had no fees, no annual fee as long as we keep the Costco membership, so since we are closing my bank accound some time soon, and along with it, my credit card, we decided to apply and we were approved. So now we have a Costco membership and another credit card (which is kindof scary to me...I really hate credit cards) But we took a look at our accounts today and we're putting some money from this last paycheck onto my current credit card, and then we'll finish paying it off with the next paycheck, and then close the accound and be done with the retarded bank... really, retarded...

Oh, and we went to Frik's bank today and added me to his account and ordered checks. I also made him change his address, since his bank statements are still going to his mom's house...

Tomorrow I'm going to campus to change my name (I was going to today, but it was almost 5 by the time we got home from the accident). I'm finally getting all the married stuff taken care of. It's only been 4 months. :o)


  1. I didn't get all the marriage stuff done til someone stole my wallet and I had to get all new stuff. . hehehe

  2. did you get my card hoser!!!!?????

  3. Oh, yeah. We got it when we finally checked the mail after we got back in town. :)

  4. Crashes are scary. It sounds like people were pretty lucky with this one, though.