Monday, May 1, 2006

Fun things

So Jabba did stay over here for the weekend, and it was fun. we went up rock canyon and climbed all over. We picked up a few rocks as souvenirs and sat in a cave for a while. Then we saw a dog, and she was really cute, so we stopped to pet her, and right after he pet her, Jabba licked his hand off... It was so strange, but I guess that it's one way to get to know a dog! :o)

And then yesterday, we went to church and then played Tony Hawk. Some of our neighbors were moving out, and they have a lovesac. All of their stuff was sitting in the courtyard area, and so Jabba was playing on that... running and jumping. It was really fun.

The best part of the weekend, though, would have to be today when we were driving him to school and he got carsick and threw up... ok, so that wasn't really the highlight, but the good thing was that we hadn't cleaned out the car from our trip yet, so we had bags and boxes and stuff and all the throw up landed on him and a sweatshirt sitting next to him. I was glad that the car didn't get any on it!

And then today was my first day of work. I think it went well. We have 9 people in our training group, and they're all pretty nice. The trainer is cool, too, and we get out at 8:30 every day instead of 10:00, so Frik and I won't have to figure out how to schedule the car. We got to learn all about the evolution of the lancet device today and about diabetes. Tomorrow, we're going to learn about one of the accucheck meters... It's actually pretty cool.

Anyway, though... I've got a headache, and I want to read Frik's latest post before I go to bed. Everyone else should, too. :) He's cute! So... that's the end of this post.

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  1. Hahaha. I just looked at that lizard website. It's hilarious!