Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Interesting thought...

k, so I was talking to some coworkers yesterday and I came up with (what I think) is a pretty interesting question. (no one be offended by me lumping ethnicities together, ok?)

Ok, so this is it: It seems like most ethnicity groups have some sort of talent that can be generalized across the whole group. Example: asians are good at math/hard workers/ etc, black people have a lot of rhythm/ are good singers, and South American people are... well, that one's not so prominent in my brain, but maybe they're good runners? Like the soccer players and track guys... So, my question was, if all these different ethnicities of people are all talented in some way, then what are the white people good at?? The only thing we could come up with yesterday is that we are good at fighting and conquering. Maybe you guys can think of some positive points... who knows. Just an interesting thought, like I said. I'm definitely not saying that any once race is better than another or that every person from one particular race has all the same features/talents/strengths/weaknesses/etc...

On another note, work training is going pretty well... I get kindof frustrated because a lot of the people in the class don't seem to get it a lot of the time. I try to tell myself that I'm not smarter or better than them, and also try to see all the good things about these people (because a lot of them definitely don't have the gift of extremely high intelligence)... It's just weird to me, being around so many people who are: a. Older than me AND b. less educated and have a harder time getting stuff... It's strange. I mean, a lot of these people can't remember different things on the computer... I guess that's pretty normal. I guess that a lot of my friends will ask me to set the time on their watches when they first get them b/c they can't figure it out (or don't want to bother since they know that I'll be able to)... but things like that just are pretty basic to me, so... But them on the other hand, a lot of my friends who would have me do that kind of stuff had abilities and talents in other areas that made me look like a total idiot. I guess I've just got to try to remember that when in comes to all these people at work. The hard thing is that I only see the work aspect of their personalities...

Anyway, though... I'm doing pretty good with the training. It's pretty easy, so far. we have a ton of different glucose meters to learn how to work and do everything with, and we've got a couple other things... the lancet devices (I prefer to call them pokers) and stuff like that. I kindof feel bad b/c we are allowed to give upgrades or replacements or samples of any of our products... really, anything... just for free. Send it to them overnight... and what I feel bad about is that it seems like we're just hooking them so we can make money on the strips. I don't know how much it costs to make the strips, but I don't think it's fair that diabetic people have to pay so much for them. I also don't know how much of that (if any) is covered by insurance, but I still feel bad, none the less... And I know that every brand of strips is just as expensive as the ones we sell, but I still don't think it's fair.

*sigh* Moving on... Frik and I started our weight training class today, and we are both very out of shape. We did a fitness test... see how many pushups and situps we could do in a row... and... well, Frik and I are fatsos. hehe... ok, not really, but I do feel very weak and out of shape, so I'm glad that We are in this class and we will get all buff.

Well, that's about all going on in my life right now. Don't forget my question from the beginning of the post. That's what I want y'all to comment on. (I said y'all!!!)


  1. Point one- I've known some dumb asians and some black people with scratchy voices. The stereotypes aren't always true. On the other hand, they come from somewhere and there's probably something to be said about a lot of them.

    Point two- as far as talents go, fighting and conquering aren't all that bad. Barring any kind of dire moral reasons otherwise, it's always good to be on the side with the kick-ass army.

    A lot of explorers were white. Of course, explorer might just be a nice way to say conqueror.

  2. Hey, you're in training down the hall from me. I called to you when your trainer was out of the room, but you didn't hear me. You were getting some M&M's from a co-worker, and were staring right at me, but didn't see me somehow. :)

  3. Hah! I totally didn't see you! That's so weird! I wonder what I was looking at if it wasn't at you, b/c I don't even remember anyone saying my name... I remember the exact second that was, b/c we were all trying to duplicate error messages on our meters, and so I wanted to get a "hi" message (for if your blood sugar is over 600... yikes) But the M&M only came up at 88... probably couldn't absorb enough...

    Anyway, though... What time do you have training? How much longer will you be there? What building will you be working in when training's done? Are you liking it? Have they given you the bonus from working with me? That's a lot of questions... heh...

  4. The Bonus comes in paycheckform, but it'll be listed as a referal bonus (remembers they shorted her hours on her last check) I'm in training for two more weeks. My training is from 6am to 2:30pm, so I see you as I go on my last break at 1:15. I'll be in Building J when I'm done training (Scott's training in building J, and will work there after too! Yay!)

    Once they get me that bonus (I can't remember if I get one right away, then one after 180 days... I can't remember... I'll ask about it.) we'll split it, since you did put me as your referal. :) It was nice to see you today!

  5. btw, I have that poison for you-- you really should come and get it, or something :D

  6. Okay. . . I've thought about this long and hard.

    White ppl stereo type. . well at least american, Bigger is Better.

    Discuss among yourselves. . .

  7. mmm... all i can think of is white people are either good sewing-type people or they are good with computers...

    but i do like berserk's points... heh...