Monday, May 22, 2006

You ain’t nothin but a Bulldog.

Everybody, meet my new dog Duke(ownership pending).

On mothers day we had a family get-together at my moms house. After a while, Carebear, Meryl, and the Sibs were gone. I thought they had gone for a walk, so I was periodically going outside trying to find them. Well, on one of my trips outside I found Duke. He was running around like he was lost, and when he saw me, he ran over and sat down at my feet. Thinking that he must have gotten off his leash, I looked around hoping to find his owner but I couldn't see anybody looking for him.

At first sight it was obvious that he was a not your average stray dog. He was clean, well groomed, had a cropped tail, and had "purebred" written all over him. It was also obvious that he was very well trained, he played fetch, he knew how to sit and stay, he didn't jump on people, he didn't chase the cats, and most impressive of all, he didn't bark at or chase the other dogs in the neighborhood who were all barking at him(I suppose they were jealous and rightfully so). I could go on and on about how good he is. He's an amazing dog. I mean, the title "man's best friend" was invented to describe dogs like Duke.

Because of that, I figured his owners would without a doubt be looking for him, so I put him on a leash and walked him around the block hoping to find his owner and asking if anybody knew whose dog he was. Well, nobody had ever seen him before, and of course he didn't have a collar or tags. Since we couldn't call Animal Control to come pick him up because they apparently only work M-F 9:00-5:00(which I thought was weird), we decided we would keep him there in the front yard. We were hoping that his owners might find him there they didn't, and he was still there on Monday morning.

The original plan was to take him to the pound, or have Animal Control take him there, but my mom decided it would be better to keep him while we tried to find the owner. At least at my mom's house he could run around in the yard, and go for walks; and In the meantime, she would continue to look for the owner. She called and reported him to Animal Control(which it turns out is just the local Police Dept.... weird again). They told her that nobody had reported him missing, but they would let her know if anybody did, and that if she decided that she couldn't or didn't want to keep him then they would come get him. She's been taking him for walks, and asking around, but hasn't gotten any good leads. There was one guy who said he had seen Duke around, but he didn't know the owner, so no luck there.

Tomorrow we're taking him to a vet's office to see if he has a microchip. I kind of hope he does, because I'm sure his family is just dying to find him. At the same time, I hope he doesn't because I want to keep him. Can you blame me? If we cant find his owner then Carebear and I are hopefully going to move into an apartment that allows pets so that we can keep him *crosses fingers*


  1. Good Luck finding an apartment that allows pets. :( it's next to impossible.

  2. He is absolutely beautiful. When you come visit us next time you should bring him for a visit too. Love you!


  3. Update:
    Duke didnt have a microchip, which means that we're one step closer to getting to keep him. We're still going to post a bunch of flyers around the neighborhood, so if anybody is looking for him, we'll be doing everything we can to help.

    Also, the apartment we were looking at that supposedly allowed pets... Carolyn called the landlord and he said they dont allow pets in any of thier apartments :( which means that the current tenants are being sneaky about the dog :0

    So the search for a new apartment continues...

  4. he's really cute! I love dogs so much!

  5. This is sick! Ashley said she went over there a couple of days ago and it was bleeding from its rectum. It might just be dirrhea though. In any case it isn't constant so it might be dirrhea that looks like blood. A vet may be in order.

  6. Woah, that post was pretty sick. A lot less graphic or public would have been fine. Seriously, it made me cringe, want to vomit, and want to break something all at the same time.

    The dog is NOT bleeding. He has diarrhea which is not entirely unexpected considering he probably just went through a huge change in diet, especially since the dog food at my moms house is the $2.00/100lb crap variety. So yeah, his digestive system is having a hard time, but we have gotten him some new food that should be easier on him and we're keeping an eye on him.

  7. oh, yeah, and you'll have to forgive my ignorance but who are you scribbles?