Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Pics

Chaelomen, MJ, Frik, Sarah and I got the kiddos pics taken on Saturday. I just thought I'd share my favorites!

Click on Me

We've been having a lot of fun with them here, and I'm glad that I'll be going to CO within a week after they leave to help with my Aidan withdrawals, hee hee...


  1. My favorite is the Big Bear Scaring the Children one.


    All are cute!!

  2. for some reason I can't see them... that link just directs me to my facebook inbox...

  3. log out of facebook and it'll direct you to the photo album....

    Or just go to my photo albums off of my profile and you'll be able to see them :)

  4. I miss Squirt!!! I looked over at Chaelomen when the plane landed last night and told him, and he said, "Already?" Yeah, already.

  5. Yeah, I miss little chaelomini! :)

    I'm going to call him that until you come up with a better name haha.

    I'm glad I"m coming next week! I kept thinking that I was going to see you guys this weekend in st. george and then realized I'm not and got really disappointed. :(