Monday, March 3, 2008

Funny you should ask...

In other news, Frik has posted a new blog entry (gasp!) You should all check it out :)

Oh, and cops are jerks. (no offense, Berserk) We found out the other day that Frik's phone is either malfunctioning or has a serious design flaw. If you press any combination of 9's and 1's, even while the key lock is on, it will dial 911. So he was in class the other day and called 911 in his pocket. They called him back but he didn't answer because he was in class. So they left a message saying that they were sending someone out. He calls me at home when he gets the message to see if any cops came by, and they hadn't. We were trying to figure out where they would coming too, though, and couldn't tell if it'd be somewhere on campus or our house or my parent's house in CO, since that's the address the cell phone company has.

Well... about a half hour later, I'm feeding the baby and there's a knock at the door. I go to the door and see one of provo's finest waiting to see what sort of emergency we are experiencing. He asks me if Erik is here, I said no, that he's in class, but that he called and said that he got a message saying that someone would be coming by. I was apologetic and respectful and told him that we didn't know what we were supposed to have done.

He was less respectful, though. He told me that we needed to call Erik, so I went to get my cell phone to call him. I told the officer that Erik's phone was acting up and that the call might not go through (his phone hasn't been ringing when people call, either). The officer scolded me, saying that it would have saved him the trouble of coming out there if Erik had called back when he got the message. He said that if Erik's phone was going to keep acting up, they were going to have to keep coming to our house. He also kept referencing the last time they came out in December (they haven't been to our house since we moved in). finally, when I was able to get ahold of Erik, he started mumbling about how we need to get his phone fixed and walked away.

Now, it's true that we do need to correct the problem with Erik's phone. I told the officer that we were looking at replacing it as soon as we found this problem. If I had known it would call 911 whenever it felt like it, we would have replaced it long ago. He treated me like I was intentionally making him run all over the city for no reason, and while I can appreciate that it's frustrating to show up somewhere that you're not needed, I wish he had been at least a little bit respectful of me and the fact that I did not intend to make him drive all the way to... central provo... about 10 blocks away from the police station.

Anyway, he left me frazzled and I cried b/c I felt like some kind of criminal based on how he was treating me. And then I got over it and decided that the image that sesame street and mr. rogers paints of police officers is false.

They are good and important, but their job is more of punishing bad people than helping good people.



  1. You need to tell the cop that he can bite off your nut sack.

  2. Yeah, next time...

    btw... is that police officer next to elmo a she? I swear i thought it was a he until now that I look at he/she again...

  3. pretty sure it's a she...


  4. I bet you look elf-tastic.


  5. And the best part is, it can be shorten and worn again!

    Love you!


  6. ooh! Can I borrow it?

  7. it's like in any walk of life--the majority of ppl are just fine, but it's that 1 stinking percent that screws it up for everyone else.

  8. I vote that it's a she. Female cops seem to end up in the middle of P.R. shit a little more often than male cops do. Go figure.

    Can't really justify the Provo cop dressing you down like that. I go to a lot of 911 hang ups/open lines, and I don't think I've ever harped on anyone about it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the meanest cops that I know. It's just that there's a time and a place to let that out and any cop worth his salt can judge when he is or is not in that kind of situation.

  9. More of punishing bad people than helping good people.... that's a little cynical for you, and it's a gross oversimplification, but it's not as far from the truth as most people would like. There's help, and there's help. The kind of help we can really offer is the kind that no one wants to need. I once chatted with a guy who told me "I'm like everyone else, I cuss you guys now and then. But when you need a cop, there's really no substitute." I think that's about as good as police/public relations are ever going to get.

  10. I can agree with that statement that when you need a cop there's no substitue. I think that cops have to be mean in order to be the cop when you need them, you know?

  11. Oh, and I don't think that ALL cops are mean. that would be like me saying all kids are cute... there are definitely some that are not.