Thursday, February 9, 2006

Broken Body

Well, my eyes and my jaw are broken... That's how it feels, anyway. I got a piece of plastic to put in my mouth at night time. It's supposed to stop me from clenching. It works ok, but for some reason, I've been especially stressed lately, and I've been clenching even when it's in my mouth. So, I've got a follow up appt with the dentist in a week, and I'll have to let him know. Besides that, my mouth hurts... I don't know why. I'm thinking I need to get my wisdom teeth out. My dentist back home always told me they were too far back and we didn't need to worry babout them yet. Well, my dentist over here said that they were embedded under nerves and stuff, and that it'd take a real oral surgeon to get them out. Yay... hopefully that'll be partially if not mostly covered by insurance. I've got a sore in the back left top of my mouth that makes it painful to open and close my mouth. I've looked in the mirror at it, and I'm still not sure what it is, but it's definitely tender and painful. So, I think I'm gonna call the dentist tomorrow (it's been there 2 days already) if it's still bad. If not, I'll wait until next week.

The other broken part of my body is my eyes. My right eye started getting all fuzzy... ew. well, my vision in my right eye started getting all fuzzy sometime in the end of november. That happens once in a while to me, if I'm getting a cold or something, so I decided to wait a while and see what happened. Well, it got worse... so I went in to the eye doctor and he looked at my eyes and said they are dryer than he has ever seen them. Which is dry, because my eyes have been dry for my whole life (well, since I was 13ish. I had little plugs put in the drainage holes in my eyes when I was in middle school) So he had me on these drops that are supposed to start your eyes producing tears more. You need to take them morning and night, which was hard for me to remember, and I slacked off... well now they're so dry that I've got abrasions on my corneas, which is making the cornea swell, and changing my prescription. So I can't see that well out of my right eye, which is the dryer one, but my left eye is ok. It's gotten to the point where I don't really feel safe driving anymore. I've got an appointment with him in a week, too... but I might have to call in before then b/c ever since I started taking the drops steadily, My eyes have been so dry that I almost can't open them when I wake up in the morning. It's horrible. I have to pry them open until I can get an eyedrop in, and then they'll move around. I hope they don't shrivel up in my head.

I've been using this night time ointment for eyeballs. It's got oil and petroleum jelly type stuff. It's very thick and goopy, but I don't think it's helping all that much. Maybe I won't use it tonight, and see if that's what's making them so dry. That doesn't make sense, though... but we'll see.

Anyway, enough of my ranting about my broken old body...


  1. Last year about this time, I had an awful problem with my teeth (actually it was exactly this time of year) My entire jaw just wanted to seize up and not work. If you remember, I was icing my jaw the night before Dave's funeral.

  2. wow... that sucks... i surely hope that you feel better.

  3. That's pretty bad. Hope the doctor has something helpful to say.

  4. yah, it's not as swollen today, so I'm sticking it out until next week. Ithink it's just my stressing and clenching.