Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got some new charms on ebay, and they came today (well, yesterday, since mail doesn't come on Sundays...) They are so cute! I was really excited when my mom found my charm bracelet, and now I've got 4 more charms. I have: A piano, a video camera, a fortune cookie (Erik proposed to me in a fortune cookie), and a sand dollar (b/c we went to the beach in CA and found tons of sanddollars, and I think they're cool). Besides that, i've got the 3 that I've had forever (an airplane, a little Salt Lake Temple, and a little heart that says, "big sis").

So I had Lorna & company and meryl over for dinner tonight. It was fun. I'm not sure what prompted it... Just thought it'd be fun to have the family over for dinner... but I think it was fun. We watched the Majestic and I fell asleep, I really like that movie, though... I think Jim Carrey did a really good job of not being Ace Ventura, and it's got a fun (if not predictable) plot.

Anyway... that was my sunday. How was everyone else's weekends?


  1. hey- mom told me you were sad I didn't send you a coconut, so I bought you one.... email me your address okay?

  2. The coconut for Bridget came through the mail in... interesting condition.

  3. Nope, didn't break. Just had a bunch of the writing messed up. But there was enough left to read to deliver it!


  4. huh.... that makes me nervous about carolyns... it's difficult to read already...

  5. Maybe it never got messed up in the mail, but the handwritting was so bad that it looked like it had... maybe :P