Wednesday, February 1, 2006


We took Sarah to the MTC today, along with her Grandma and her friend Jessica. It was fine up until she started walking out the door and I couldn't go with her. Then when I got home, I realized that she had forgotten something, and I couldn't even call her to tell her. Yeah, I was sad...

But a kindof funny story about the MTC... well, not about it but about its name. I was talking to a few friends about it (not LDS) when I was in HS, and they were so confused, and I didn't get why they were confused at all... until they were like, "why is it empty?"... they thought I was saying "empty sea" and so even the first time they asked that I was like, "oh, it stands for Missionary training center"... yeah... it was like a bad abbot and costello parody.

So, we had a little goodbye party for Sarah yesterday. It was fun. a bunch of her friends came and we listened to music and ate some snacks, and then we left so she could get set apart. She's leaving in about 3 weeks for an MTC in spain, then she'll go to Bilbao in another 6 weeks or so.

I keep getting excited when I make a new friend in class or something, and I get all these dumb ideas about them coming over all the time, and then I realize that Sarah is the only friend who ever came over all the time...

Oh well, it'll only be 18 months, and I'll write to her.

Well... time to go to Smiths....


  1. Entertaining thing to look for in the MTC -

    As you enter the main lobby, you'll se a huge painting of Jesus Christ with his right arm pointing down the hall that leads to the bathrooms