Thursday, November 13, 2008

Achy Breaky Ear

We took Squirt to the Dr. today. She has just not been doing well with this cold and I was starting to think that she may have an ear infection. Our Dr. is the best pediatrician I have met. Granted, I haven't met a whole lot of pediatricians, but I love this guy. He checked her ears and said that the right one was infected, then gave us the option of a few different medications: an oral medication for a few weeks, or a one time shot in the office. Since Squirt tends to spit out as much medication as she swallows, we opted for the shot. I felt bad when the nurse came in and said, "this is going to be a pretty painful shot, so you'll want to make sure to rub it for about 20 minutes to help it spread out". I still feel like we made the better choice, but that doesn't mean that I don't feel bad for torturing my poor child.

She's sleeping better so far tonight, though. Her nose is also not running quite so much, so that makes me feel hopeful.

I'm taking Katie and Squirt to get portraits on Saturday morning, then we're going out for lunch with the rest of the in law gang. It's to celebrate my father in law's birthday. It should be a good time, if not completely bittersweet.

Meryl showed me some family pics they had taken and they turned out really good! It made me want to go get pictures taken. I'll probably wait until spring some time... but I have been thinking about getting family pictures for a while now. Maybe I'll just do it when we do Alice's 1 year pictures.


  1. I hope Alice gets to feeling better soon!

    I'd really like to do family pics for Christmas, but I think we'll be waiting until next spring as well.

  2. Um lady. .. what about the pigtails Saturday morning??