Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Squirt's favorite "person" in the world

Squirt LOVES duke. Absolutely loves him. She's apparently learning from him, too. Today, I followed her into the kitchen to see this:



Duke soon saw that she was in there and started getting jealous:


So I took the baby out of the kitchen and filled up duke's food and water. I even blocked off the doorway into the kitchen with Squirt's baby walker and the trash can so that duke would be able to eat uninterrupted. Then I went back to the computer and played "Geo Challenge" on facebook (a newly discovered app from playfish that I am currently addicted to). I kept looking over at squirt to make sure everything was ok, and she was just standing up on her walker and waving her arms in the air, babbling at duke. I'm sure that if I spoke baby, I would have heard "Help me in, Duke! I'm stuck out here!"

Well so a couple minutes later, I heard the splooshing boing sound of Duke's water bowl hitting the ground, so i looked over and Squirt was no longer there. I have NO idea how she could have gotten through, and the barricade was completely sound still. I walked in and saw her sitting in a puddle of water. She was so pleased with herself, and just thought it was hilarious when I picked her up and she stuck her dripping feet up against my stomach, making me scream.

So I called my mom and was telling her about the recent shenanigans when I looked into the front room and squirt was no longer anywhere to be seen. Then I looked over at the gate blocking the stairs and realized that it had been left open (again). I went upstairs and saw her chasing duke around the hallway. I'm just glad she didn't fall!

Needless to say, though, she loves her duke:


He's not totally picked on, though. She always has fun throwing her food over the edge of the high chair for him to eat.


  1. I love the squirt and the Duke! So cute together!!!

  2. Kids are troublesome little things, aren't they?

    Cute pictures. It rocks that Duke is that good with Squirt.

  3. It TOTALLY rocks. Duke is an awesome doggie.

    Love you!