Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catch Phrase

We had some friends over tonight and had dinner then played catch phrase, which is now Squirt's favorite toy. She was pushing the button then watching it while it beeped. Then when we actually started the game, she was being SO cranky because every time the game would finally make it all the way around the circle to her (me), I would pass it off to the next person. Poor thing doesn't understand how to play catch phrase ;)

She has also discovered where her toys are kept:



I think the first of these two is my favorite picture of her (recently) because she's trying so hard to reach whatever it is that she's looking for and she's stretching up onto her little toes... It just makes me smile.

Here she is a few days ago doing her best impression of Steve Urkel:


We also went and got professional pictures taken of her and Katie at Sears with a coupon the other day. Normally their individual sheets are $19.99 each (total rip off) but Sukie gave me a coupon that was 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 16 wallets and 16 minis for $4.99, so that's less than $1 per sheet. pretty good if you ask me, and I thought that it would be a nice gift for my mother in law for christmas... don't correct me if I'm wrong, Lorna, b/c it's what you're getting. :D (Although I didn't draw your name so it's not the only gift you'll get, so don't be too disappointed).

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  1. I definitely won't be disappointed of a picture of two of the cutest granddaughters in the whole world.