Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I can make this pencil disappear... only not...

Squirt was playing with a mechanical pencil yesterday, so being the wonderful mother that I am, I took it and pushed the lead back in so she wouldn't scratch herself and then gave it back. A few moments later I looked over at her and she had the pencil next to her eye and she was squinting, so I took it away at that point thinking that she had stuck herself in the eye. I was wrong though, which I knew when her nose started bleeding. Poor Squirt's first little nose bleed :'( I think the worst part for her was not the scratch or the blood but the fact that I was holding her nose to make it stop bleeding (which it did within a few minutes). Mother of the year award over here!

She has been playing and sharing a lot lately. We got her vanilla wafers, which she loves... not because she likes to eat them, but because she likes to feed them to the dog. It's kind of cute to watch him gently take them from her hand...but not so cute when he doesn't quite get it and she then puts it back in her mouth. yuk!

She was playing right inside the front door yesterday when the UPS guy came with a package. He always rings the doorbell and knocks 3 times. Well I was in the kitchen and when he knocked, I came over to the door and she was crawling away as fast as she could, screaming. Seems that the UPS guy's knock is pretty startling.

She's starting to get better balance, although she still holds on to things in order to stand and won't walk unless you're holding her up. She is doing so much talking and babbling though. It reminds me of t-rex because she'll just be talking to her toys or herself and it's just so adorable.

I got a surprise in the mail today from Archie:

My new ring

I was jealous of one that she has that is similar (read: the exact same), so she got me one. Thanks, Archie! I love it!

We've all been working over here for the past couple days on building our immune systems up. That is to say, we have all caught a cold. It stinks, but it's the worst for Squirt. I hate seeing her so miserable and sick. Hopefully we'll get over it in time for goonies night this weekend!


  1. The difference between Tiger's babbling and T-Rex's babbling is that Tiger expects you to listen. :)

    The nilla wafer thing sounds cute. I've read somewhere that dogs' mouths are somehow cleaner than humans' mouths (can't imagine how that works, given the places they put their tongues, but who am I to argue with other people's facts?). Keep telling yourself that every time Duke doesn't quite take the cookie...

  2. It's so cute to watch her eat in her high chair too. It's always "one for me, one for the dog, one for me, one for the dog"

    Needless to day, Duke is completely smitten by her.

  3. are you wearing your ring right now? I am... I am a good ring twin :)