Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Climber

Squirt has been doing really well with crawling for the past couple months now, but she has recently discovered that climbing is MUCH more fun!

It started with the stairs, so we got the gate. Now she's trying to figure out how to get past it:



Now she climbs on just about anything, including the dog:




Guildylocks says that as soon as Squirt can fit into a kid harness, they're going climbing :)

We had a "Fakesgiving" dinner with friends on saturday, which was awesome. Instead of the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, etc., we did steaks, potatoes, empanadas, 7 layer dip, and impossible cake for dessert. That way, we won't get turkeyed out before thanksgiving even comes.  The cake came out pretty good, although it was way to big for the pan, so I'll have to work on it since it baked over the top and into the water. For those of you who don't know what I"m talking about, impossible cake is a flan cake, where you put regular cake batter into a pan, then put flan batter on top of that, and then as it cooks, the cake gets lighter and so moves to the top and the flan sinks to the bottom. It is really weird, but tasty. I thought the cake was too dry, too, so we'll have to figure that out also. It may have been just because it was a regular box cake.

I'm making the turkey a la Alton Brown for thanksgiving this year. We got a new roasting pan since ours is pretty tiny and it was a good price with the rack and all at Costco. We also got a probe thermometer that you just put in the turkey and leave in until the external display tells you it's done. I'm excited to do the turkey b/c I've only ever done it in mom's roaster before, so it'll be different and I'm also worried for the same reason. :D Hopefully it will be delicious.

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